Mausoleum Memorialization

Only Matthews can provide the largest selection of cast bronze memorialization products with options to appeal to all families. All our cast bronze products are coated with Matthews’ exclusive Diamond Shield® Protective Coating to maximize their durability and preserve their beauty.
Lasting Memories® Memorialization
Our patented Lasting Memories® products offer the highest level of personalization, using photographs to capture and share images of a life well-lived on cast bronze. From custom cast bronze crypt front designs depicting biblical images or nature scenes to crypt plates designed using treasured family photos, our designers will help to create a unique memorial tribute.
Crypt & Niche Plates
With the most designs to choose from, our crypt and niche plates allow for a permanent tribute with a uniform appearance on marble or granite crypts and niches.
Bronze Accessories
Lamps – The elegant glow of a Matthews lamp provides an everlasting remembrance. Choose from a variety of traditional and contemporary styles – many with matching vases.

Vases – Matthews offers and elegant collection of low-maintenance vases, from simple to ornate styles. Bronze and resin options available. Ask about additional designs.

Emblems – Matthews offers the industry’s largest and most diverse collection of bronze emblems. Families can choose from finely detailed religious, military and fraternal emblems.

Cameos – Allow families to create a personal legacy that will retain its beauty and color indefinitely by adding a cameo portrait to their crypt. Porcelain and steel options available.

Letters – Provide immediate, permanent memorialization to families with many letter styles to choose from.