Memorializing Your Loved One

A life to be remembered. A story to be told. A place to visit and share memories for generations to come. Here you will find how families today have chosen to honor and remember their loved ones with fitting tributes in words and pictures.

Funeral and cremation services remembrance rituals are not only ways to say goodbye to a loved one but are also time-tested ways that can help families and friends move from grieving to remembrance. Also, permanent remembrances further provide a place and a way for families to remember and honor their loved ones forever.

There are many reasons to celebrate and mourn the life of a loved one, but for many, these six things sum up why remembrance is important:

  1. To acknowledge the reality of death.
  2. To acknowledge the emotions associated with the death.
  3. To acknowledge that the relationship with the person who died has shifted from physical presence to memory.
  4. To acknowledge changes in personal self-identity.
  5. To ponder and search for new meaning in life.
  6. To receive the loving support of remaining family and friends.

Sadness at the loss of a loved one may never entirely go away, but remembrance lives on.

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