Reflection Suites™ Niche Buildings

Matthews Reflection Suites™ makes it easy to provide your community with the most personalized cremation memorialization for a truly individual remembrance. Designed and constructed by our experts at Matthews Gibraltar Mausoleum & Construction Company, these turnkey glass-front niche buildings offer families the ultimate ability to remember and honor their loved ones by displaying precious photos and mementos in a warm and comfortable, well-lit environment.

Matthews Reflection Suites™ can be designed to accommodate nearly any architectural style, theme, or memorialization goal using the highest quality materials. Choose from one of our standard building designs or work with our expert team to design a custom building that meets your cemetery or funeral home’s unique needs.

If you are a cemetery or funeral home and ready to get started, contact Matthews Gibraltar Mausoleum & Construction Company at 412-571-5523 or