Cremation Memorialization

Years ago, cremation was seen as “just cremation.” Families would hear a family member say, “just cremate me.” What many families didn’t realize then was that such an approach could limit the ability of the family and friends to fully say goodbye to a loved one, and to successfully move through the grieving process. At the loss of a loved one, there is no such thing as “just.” The emotional needs of the family and friends at the loss is exactly the same for families whether they choose cremation or burial. Learning about your choices with cremation ensures that you and your family can benefit from the time-tested approaches that help families move from grieving to remembrance.

Cremation Gardens
A cremation garden offers families a peaceful permanent resting place for those choosing cremation. They also provide a beautiful, serene location for families and friends to visit their loved one. As a leading memorialization solutions provider, Matthews designs and builds cremation gardens of all sizes for cemeteries around the country. Cremation gardens can include many choices of final resting places, including in-ground cremation memorials, customizable granite pedestals, benches and boulders, beautiful bronze statues and multi-opening granite columbaria and niches. Ask your cemetery to show you their cremation garden and ask them about the choices available for personalized cremation memorials. Matthews is an industry leader in designing and building cremation gardens for cemeteries, and our selection of cremation monuments available for cremation gardens is vast. Ask your cemetery professional about your choices for creative cremation memorialization.

One option for a final resting place when choosing cremation is interment in a niche. Most cemeteries have an assortment of niche offerings that allow you to create a highly personalized tribute. If you wish to create a tribute with an urn, pictures, mementos and keepsakes displayed, you may choose a glass front niche. If you prefer more privacy, choose a closed niche made of granite, marble or a bronze front. Matthews is a leading provider of all types and styles of niches. Ask your cemetery about the availability of niches for your loved one’s final resting place.

A granite columbarium is a beautifully designed structure that contains secure niches. From smaller, family estates to substantial community structures, Matthews offers many different designs including solid granite columbaria, as well as bronze and granite. Ask your cemetery to show you their available columbaria spaces.

Ground Burial of Cremated Remains
Perfect for if you choose cremation but prefer ground burial, Matthews bronze cremation memorials include a special built-in compartment for cremated remains. Cremation memorials are available in companion and individual styles and many include a vase for floral remembrances on special days such as birthdays and anniversaries.

For families who select cremation as a final disposition choice, the opportunity to capture their loved one’s personality in both a casket and an urn is present. For many families, urns can become one of their most emotional, inspiring and treasured works of art and every family member can share in this revelation. Urns are artistically created in a wide choice of materials, shapes, colors and designs from the finest quality sculptural bronze to hand-crafted world-class hardwood to exotic semi-precious marble to exceptionally beautiful enameled eastern cloisonné -to name just a few of the many material choices available. Most urns can also be personalized with loved one’s names, dates, favorite quotes, as well as significant symbols or custom photographic designs. Matthews offers a wide variety of urns through our funeral home and cemetery partners. Please ask your funeral home or cemetery to show you our latest urn catalog. You can also view available products here and ask your funeral home or cemetery to place an order with Matthews.

Keepsakes & Memorial Jewelry
One of the most inspiring remembrances available among family members when cremation is selected can be the shared cremated remains of their cherished loved one in an extraordinary variety of urn keepsakes and jewelry. Every family member can receive a forever remembrance reminder of their loved one which can be as close to them every day as their own heart or as special as the most sacred place in their home. From diamond setting historic family heirlooms to exceptionally affordable sterling silver heart lockets to let’s place it here stunning artistic shapes, the choices available can provide family members an ongoing source of remembrance, inspiration, joy, closeness, and love. The healing and joyful benefits of this cannot be overstated. Matthews offers a variety of keepsakes and jewelry, which can be viewed here and can be purchased through a Matthews funeral home or cemetery partner.